Have you ever wondered what happens when you spend an hour in one of our escape rooms? You’re not alone if you have. Escape rooms are an entertainment trend sweeping the globe and have recently arrived on our North American shores with great gusto and now in the great City of Buffalo, New York. The earliest venues originated in Asia and pitted players against the clock in a race to solve puzzles, riddles and clues in order to escape a room in an hour or less. What has since differentiated the good from great escape rooms worldwide is their ability to place you at the center of the story. We, at Trapped Games, have made every effort to design our rooms to be as immersive as possible and to transport you to a different time and place. We want you to be the star of your own story.

We have found that when you are in an adrenaline fueled situation where time is your most precious commodity, you will soon learn things about yourself and your friends that you may not have known. You will learn to use each others’ skills and come together in a way you may not have thought possible to achieve what may seem to be a difficult, if not impossible feat. We have designed our game rooms to be challenging, yet rewarding. We want to bring out the best in people and our feedback since our opening has told us that this is exactly what we are doing.

Come join us for an hour you won’t soon forget at Trapped Games, Buffalo’s best escape room experience.