As many of you know, Trapped is an interactive Buffalo Escape Room experience, opening November 6th. All roads in terms of where Escape Room games originated lead to video game platforms, where you are put in very similiar situations, often just by yourself and with no time limit. Crimson Room is considered to be the first Escape Room Game, released in 2004 by Toshimitsu Takagi as a standalone flash game.

After Crimson Room gained a substantial amount of popularity, a real life version of the game first appeared in 2007, brought about by a company called Scrap Entertainment. Their escape room games eventually spread from the Japanese market and eventually arrived in San Francisco in 2012. Since then, several hundred escape room games have hit the market with several being introduced in Buffalo just this year.

We hope to elevate this trend and provide a truly all encompassing escape room game experience, right here in Buffalo, New York.