211, 2017

Mystery Tap Takeover Holiday Parties

November 2nd, 2017|0 Comments

The holidays are upon us and we all know what that means – Holiday Work Party!!! Our Mystery Tap Takeovers (or MTTs as the cool kids call them) are a great idea for a unique and memorable event. We used aspects of escape room puzzles to create a murder mystery-style event that is completely portable and can be played almost […]

1112, 2016

Escape Room Holiday Gift Gards

December 11th, 2016|0 Comments

Looking for a great gift for family and friends for the holiday? An escape room is a unique gift that stands out from the rest.

Trying to escape from family members over the holiday break? Why not avoid your crazy uncle by trying out an escape room! If you’re looking to warm up from the cold you can enter our Ancient […]

612, 2016

The Tomb Escape Room

December 6th, 2016|0 Comments

We are proud to announce the release our 4th escape room in Buffalo, The Tomb.

The year is 1921. A band of you and five other archaeologists set forth on the most anticipated journey of your lives to locate the mythic and legendary Tomb of King TutanKhamun. A rogue wanderer provides you with a map that you collectively believe will uncover […]

Current Escape Rooms

The Tomb Escape Room Buffalo

The Tomb

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The year is 1921. A band of you and five other archaeologists set forth on the most anticipated journey of your lives to locate the mythic and legendary Tomb of King TutanKhamun. A rogue wanderer provides you with a map that you collectively believe will uncover this hidden, historical gem. As you press on in your journey, you learn that the map is in fact authentic. Upon arriving at the supposed destination, you eventually make your way into the King’s tomb, only to find that leaving will be much more difficult than entering. The Gods of Egypt have granted you but one hour to leave the tomb, or you will forever be lost.

Number of Players: 4-10

Type: Adventure

Difficulty Rating: Medium

Success Rate: 40%

Hotel Room

Room #9

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It’s April 4th, 1978. You and your traveling partners have been forced to seek shelter at an old, rustic hotel. The only room available has been rumored to have a dark and mysterious past. The front of house staff warns you repeatedly that no one survives more than one hour in the room, but you choose to stay there anyway. Within your first minute of entering the room, you immediately feel regret for ignoring the staff’s advice. You now have 60 minutes to escape before room #9 consumes your very existence.

Number of Players: 4-10

Type: Spooky

Difficulty Rating: Medium

Success Rate: 35%


The Wizard’s Keep

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The time you have been waiting for has finally arrived… Your first day at the School of Wizardry! We welcome you with open arms and look forward to our time together. But first, we must make sure that we made the correct choice in selecting you. We have put together a series of puzzles and tests whereby you can prove your worthiness. Don’t dare to disappoint us!

Number of Players: 4-8

Type:  Adventure

Difficulty Rating: Medium

Success Rate: 55%


Mystery Tap Takeovers

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The year is 1922. A large party has gathered at a speakeasy to celebrate the birthday of Alistair Merrifield, a well-known businessman who specializes in selling exotic items to wealthy buyers. As the clock strikes 11pm a scream rips through the festive atmosphere and sends the crowd running to a seldom-used back room where they find the body of Alistair Merrifield dead on the floor. Initially it looks to be a morphine overdose, but as the investigation goes deeper, police soon realize that there is more afoot than anyone initially suspected!

Number of Players: Up to 50

21 years of age and older only!

Type:  Mystery

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a new kind of entertainment for groups seeking a unique experience. Trapped is an original Buffalo escape room offering fully immersive, 4D puzzle rooms. Once locked inside one of our themed rooms you will have exactly one hour to find clues, solve puzzles and escape! Escape rooms are an exciting challenge for friends and family, and can be an excellent opportunity for work groups and team building. Can you escape?

How It Works

Booking Calendar

Book one of our games online.

Escape Stopwatch

Show up 15 minutes before the game.


 Get locked in for 60 minutes.

Victory Pose

Work to escape and celebrate your victory!

Who Can Play?

Groups Icon

Friends and Family

A great way to spend time with those closest to you.

Corporate Escape Room Events

Companies and Events

A new and innovative way to host team building events.


Gamers and adventure seekers

If you enjoy games in general, you will love what we have to offer.

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Special Events

Regardless of the occassion, we’ll be sure to help you build memories that will last!

Frequently Asked Questions

How large or small can our group be?

Each of our rooms are designed for anywhere between 4-10 players.

Are we really trapped?

The entrance door will always be left open, there are specific exit doors to escape!

What if we get stuck?

Don’t worry, our staff will be able to nudge you in the right direction if needed!

Can I bring my cell phone?

You are allowed to take cell phones inside the rooms, but we do ask that you keep their use to a minimum to preserve the integrity of the game.

Are there any age restrictions?

Players aged 13 and younger must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.

Are you watching us?

Our staff monitors each session to make sure you are having the best time possible. If you ever need to leave the room, we will be sure to accommodate. Players who exit the room, however, are unable to re-enter.

What if we want to add another person to our booking?

We can add another person to your group upon arrival, up to the maximum of the room.

What if I need to cancel?

We allow and process cancellation requests up to 48 hours prior to your scheduled game time which includes a full refund.

What if we want to book less than 4 and play by ourselves?

If you wish to do this, we ask that you purchase the minimum 4 tickets to play.

Pricing and Hours

$25 Per Player

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Tuesday – Sunday:

Click ‘book now’ under each room to see available reservation times.

Special Requests:

Please email for any requests as we are more than willing to accommodate if possible!


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