Escape Room Holiday Gift Gards

Looking for a great gift for family and friends for the holiday? An escape room is a unique gift that stands out from the rest. Trying to escape from family members over the holiday break? Why not avoid your crazy uncle by trying out an escape room! If you’re looking to warm up from the [...]

Escape Room Holiday Gift Gards2021-08-11T01:22:41-04:00

The Tomb Escape Room

We are proud to announce the release our 4th escape room in Buffalo, The Tomb. The year is 1921. A band of you and five other archaeologists set forth on the most anticipated journey of your lives to locate the mythic and legendary Tomb of King TutanKhamun. A rogue wanderer provides you with a map [...]

The Tomb Escape Room2021-08-11T01:22:42-04:00