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Have you ever wondered what happens when you spend an hour in one of our escape rooms? You’re not alone if you have. Escape rooms are an entertainment trend sweeping the globe and have recently arrived on our North American shores with great gusto and now in the great City of Buffalo, New York. The […]

Buffalo Escape Room

As many of you know, Trapped is an interactive Buffalo Escape Room experience, opening November 6th. All roads in terms of where Escape Room games originated lead to video game platforms, where you are put in very similiar situations, often just by yourself and with no time limit. Crimson Room is considered to be the […]


As with any game you play, being aware of your surroundings can make or break your chances to succeed. At Trapped, your ability to escape any one of our rooms is hinged upon your ability to pay very close attention not only to what’s in front of you, but also those things that are not. Watch […]

Welcome to Trapped!

Welcome to Trapped!